The Road To The Video Game Awards

Hello friends welcome to my blog! As some of you may know the video game awards is on Thursday, if you’re a weirdo like me then you’ll get excited! just imagine the Oscars but for video games, where they announce the game of the year, best single-player game, best multiplayer and so forth, I’m going to give you a quick list and run down of 3 of my predictions for game of the year.

God Of War: the latest entry into the mythpos of kratos the God Of War, I loved playing the originals! But what makes this rendition of kratos superior is it complete overhaul from the original trilogy, no longer is it a over the top locked camera bloody gory ancient Greek action game, instead they changed the pace, slowed things right down and they made the player have a bond with kratos and his son atreus I don’t wanna spoil anything but if you haven’t played this game I highly recommend it!!

Spiderman: first things first I am a HUGE spider man fan so it has to be in my list! But all seriousness this game is great! The story is great, the fighting is great, the web swinging through new York city as fast as a spider can great! The game kicks off with Peter who has been Spidermaning for over 8 years so no more origins! I’m looking at you amazing Spider-Man! I loved the new direction this game is going! Lots of side stuff to do! I did get all the trophies for it because I’m just that sad! 😂

Red Dead Redemption 2: the latest game on my list! I only managed to finally complete the story about a week ago 😂 even though I got the game on the day it came out! You have to give Rockstar games credit they know how to make a fantastic open world that feels real and alive! So much that if you take your horse into the snowy areas his *cough cough* testies shrink in the cold for that reason it should get game of the year 😂😂😂……….jokes!! Red Dead has a fantastic story but some aspects of the game do get a bit repetitive and boring towards the very end of the story where you’re riding your horse from one side of the map to the other! Apart from that good game 👍

Anyway guys thanks for reading, this is my first blog post ever! If you’re interested in anything else video game or movies give us a follow on Twitter! @ThatDarkSoulsBoi